Value creation

Each of our portfolio companies brings a unique set of opportunities and challenges. We follow a systematic process in evaluating new ideas and building them into successful businesses.

Focus on the most common chronic diseases

Six major chronic diseases – cancer, heart disease, lung disease, diabetes, depression and rheumatoid arthritis – account for nearly two-thirds of the total healthcare costs in most countries.

Seek technology-based solutions

We aim to satisfy a minimum of three criteria: high prospects for meaningful patient benefits, significant potential for healthcare cost savings and a high likelihood that clinicians will become more efficient in disease management.

Create and develop new IP-based businesses

Utilize our established best-practices and knowledge to form the foundations for new and successful technology-driven business, providing seed funding and other support.

Generate value for all stakeholders

Through our internal and global network, our portfolio companies have access to the clinical and market expertise and capital necessary to drive growth and deliver value to patients, clinicians, payers, employees and shareholders.

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