Professor Shlomo Ben-Haim, MD

Chairman and Founder, Hobart Group

Professor Shlomo Ben-Haim is an entrepreneur in the field of medical technology, with a long and successful record of exits.  He is co-founder of a number of successful medical device and biomedical companies, covering the fields of cardiology, obesity, esthetics and cosmetics, anti-viral medication, deep vein thrombosis prevention, therapy for limb ischemia, and post-stroke and sports injuries rehabilitation.  In addition to his significant expertise and experience within the medical device industry, Professor Ben-Haim has also been effective in developing and maximizing the value of his companies.  Working with his partners, he oversaw the merger of 12 of the companies he co-founded with leading industry multinationals, in deals valued at over $1 billion, including the sale of Biosense to Johnson & Johnson for $427 million, the merger of X-Technologies with Guidant, and the sale of Spectrum Dynamics to Biosensors Group International.


Educated in the fields of nuclear physics, mathematics, biophysics, philosophy and medicine, Professor Ben-Haim has held faculty appointments as Professor of Medicine, Physiology and Biophysics at Harvard University and the Technion ‒ Israel Institute of Technology.  He is the inventor of over 550 patents and patent applications worldwide, including a navigated cardiac catheterization system and an implantable device for treating diabetes and obesity.  He has held a variety of executive roles and board positions in both start-up medical device companies and leading industry multinationals, serving as Chief Scientist at Johnson & Johnson’s Biosense Webster, and as Executive Chairman of Impulse Dynamics NV, MetaCure Limited, Spectrum Dynamics LLC, Motorika Limited, Core Dynamics Limited, FlowMedic Limited and Goji Ltd.


Professor Ben-Haim’s current focus is on building new business models in healthcare which both improve patient health and reduce government spending.  An active philanthropist, he is a founding partner of Bridge to the Future, a charitable foundation dedicated to improving health and education in underserved communities, and a partner in Atidim, a philanthropic program committed to lowering social and financial gaps in society.

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