Motorika’s ReoGo’s Effectiveness Demonstrated by Post-Stroke Rehabilitation Study


Dr. Kayoko Takahashi

Data from a prospective multicenter, randomized, open, blinded end-point, exploratory clinical trial examining robotic therapy combined with standard upper extremity therapy in patients recovering form stroke was published in the March issue of the American Heart Association’s Stroke journal.

The 60-patient study, conducted at the Department of Occupational Therapy, Kitsato University, Japan, investigated whether robotic therapy administered by Motorika’s ReoGo provides a more effective adjuvant to standard rehabilitation than self-guided therapy in subacute post-stroke rehabilitation.

“Our findings indicate that robotic repetitive movement exercises tailored to individual patient needs, such as those administered by Motorika’s ReoGo system, improve upper extremity motor recovery in post-stroke patients,” said Dr. Kayoko Takahashi, Lead Investigator in the study.

The ReoGo is a fully motorized robotic arm for upper limb rehabilitation that uses advanced software and algorithms to provide personalized, patient-specific exercises and engaging games throughout the therapy session.

Using Fugl-Meyer assessment, the study demonstrated that use of the ReoGo significantly improved flexor synergy and proximal upper extremity as compared with self-guided therapy. The study subgroup analyses suggest that individualized repetitive movement exercises delivered by the ReoGo may benefit relatively moderate acute/subacute post-stroke patients who are beginning to recover naturally.

“This publication is a validation of the added value that use of Motorika’s ReoGo personalized and repetitive exercises have in the rehabilitative process,” said Mr. Tzur Di-Cori, Motorika Medical Israel’s CEO. “We will continue to enhance our robotic rehabilitation solutions with new features to achieve an even shorter recovery period, and are expanding our product base to include home rehabilitation technologies that will cover the complete continuum of rehabilitative care.”

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