Promising Results from Molecular Dynamics’ CZT Based Digital SPECT/CT Trial

Molecular Dynamics has successfully completed the first phase of a clinical trial to evaluate the Valiance X12 whole-body Cadmium Zinc Telluride (CZT) based digital SPECT/CT prototype with promising results. The study, conducted at the Chaim Sheba Medical Center in Israel, was designed to assess the image quality and diagnostic performance of the Valiance X12 and demonstrated improved image resolution and contrast.

Tc99m MDP SPECT bone study images of a 35 year old male with right ankle pain.  Top: Valiance X12. Bottom: Analog SPECT.

The Valiance X12 was used to acquire digital SPECT scans from 25 patients, who had previously undergone analog SPECT scans, at the Department of Nuclear Medicine under the supervision of Dr. Ronen Goldkorn and Dr. Elinor Goshen.

The Valiance X12 digital studies were reviewed by experienced readers and were compared to the analog studies. Images were graded on a scale of 1 (poor) to 4 (very good) for sharpness and contrast.   The mean grades for the Valiance X12 digital SPECT images exceeded those of analog SPECT images for sharpness (3.8 vs 3.1), and contrast (3.9 vs 3.3).   Furthermore, focused digital SPECT on a specific region of interest was shown to further increase both the sharpness and contrast of the Valiance X12 images.  “These findings are promising for CZT-based digital SPECT” said Dr. Goshen.  “Further research will assess other general Nuclear Medicine applications, as well as the contribution of focused imaging, a unique capability of the Valiance X12.”

The unique architecture of the Valiance X12 includes CZT-based detectors with independent radial swivel motion, gantry rotation and adaptive image acquisition which focus the detectors on specific regions, providing multiple angular views and enhanced images of a target.

“We are very encouraged by these results” said Mr. Din Hadass, COO of Molecular Dynamics’ R&D subsidiary in Israel.  “We look forward to completing the trial and further demonstrating the digital SPECT/CT capabilities of the Valiance X12 that simultaneously improve image quality, scan time and patient radiation dose for superior clinical results.”

Dr. Goshen will present these results along with additional findings at the upcoming European Association of Nuclear Medicine Annual Congress in Barcelona, Spain.


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